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How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Why are you still searching for a storage facility? Ironclad Storage on Adelmann Street has everything you need from temperature-controlled storage to resources that can help give you a better storage experience. We offer storage in a range of sizes and sell the best selection of storage supplies in Prior Lake, MN. Find your next storage unit with us, and get started on your packing with these tips!

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit & Declutter

1. Make a Cheat Sheet for Box Contents

Do you label your boxes when you are packing them away for storage? We recommend taking the extra steps now to make it easier on yourself later. The first thing to label on the box is the room of the house into which the box will be unpacked. This can help for organizing your storage unit and for unpacking purposes. Next, list the contents of the box. It is up to you how much detail you want to go into, but it will be much easier later on when you are looking for a certain item and can look at the cheat sheet to see what box it is in.

2. Heavier Objects in Smaller Boxes

Prioritize weight distribution when you are packing to avoid any injury or boxes breaking. A large box may be able to fit a lot of big items, but it will also get heavy pretty quickly. When you are packing, remember to put heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in large boxes. If you are in need of some new boxes, we sell storage supplies in our Prior Lake, MN, office. Stop in to stock up on boxes of all sizes,

A percentage of supplies sales for the month of October go to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

3. Reserve Your Storage Unit in Advance

If you know what kind of storage you need, you do not need to wait to get started. You can reserve your storage unit a few weeks in advance to assure you have access to the right kind of storage unit on the date you need. Take a look through our online storage rentals to find your next storage space.

Ironclad Storage: Self Storage & Storage Supplies in Prior Lake, MN

Do you need storage in the Prior Lake, MN, area? Ironclad Storage on Adelmann Street offers temperature-controlled storage units off Eagle Creek Avenue. Talk to one of our on-site experts to find which of our storage options will work best for you. Our indoor storage units offer secure protection from the outdoor Minnesota weather and subsequent humidity changes. Ideal for storing valuable items, business equipment, moisture-sensitive pieces, and more, our temperature-controlled storage cannot be beat. Look through our available storage units to find a size that fits your load and price that fits your budget. You can reference our storage calculator if you are unsure which storage unit size will be handle your belongings. Start storing with Ironclad Self Storage in Prior Lake, MN, today!

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