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Interior Storage Units in Prior Lake MN
Drive-Through Storage in Prior Lake MN
Ironclad Storage in Prior Lake MN
Drive Up Storage Units in Prior Lake MN
Indoor Vehicle Storage in Prior Lake MN

Best Self Storage Units in Prior Lake, MNAvailable Self Storage in Prior Lake, MN

Not sure how to store your belongings for the winter? Need help deciding what size storage unit you will need? Rather than struggling through the process, Ironclad Self Storage in Prior Lake, MN has the best resources to answer your questions and make this experience a great one. Our blog is the one-stop shop to get solutions online for all your moving and storing questions. Let’s keep you on track and, most of all, equipped for every storing and moving moment.

In addition to our monthly blog, take advantage of our on-site manger and other friendly experts. They offer the best results for any moving and storing occasion. Our attention to the details of moving and storage leave you free to go about your day. Leave the storage and packing dilemmas to us and focus on your work, study, or play, today and every day.

Drive-Thru Self Storage

Our Prior Lake MN self storage is the only one of its kind in the area with drive-through storage units for rent. Pull your car right up to your indoor storage space and start unloading. Our wide drive aisles allow for multiple customers to safely drive to their units at once. These indoor storage units are ideal for the cooler weather and makes moving a possibility all year long.

Moving Trucks for Rent

Ironclad Storage provides customers with the best storage options in Prior Lake as well as the moving truck rentals. Our Prior Lake MN storage facility also offers customers a moving truck rental to make moving even easier.

Indoor & Drive Up Storage Rentals

Along with indoor storage units, Ironclad Storage also offers Prior Lake MN the options to rent storage space outside with one of our easily accessible drive-up storage units. You can pull your car or moving truck right up to the storage unit and start unpacking. Find your next storage option online now with our contact-free rentals!

Online Storage Rentals Available

Try Our 3D Map

Rent from our 3D Map! Need a storage unit by the entrance? Easily see where your storage unit will be in relation to the office and entrances with the help of our 3D map.

Storage Unit

1. Choose a storage unit suitable for your items! 

Sign Lease

2. Pay for your storage unit and sign the lease online.

Moving Boxes

3. Easily move your items to storage!

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