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Pest 101: How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Are you noticing small holes in your clothes and household items? Are you tired of seeing clothes moths all over your belongings? Follow Ironclad Storage’s guide on removing clothes moths. We will walk you through how to get rid of the clothes moths and will provide steps to keep them out of your home for good. See why Ironclad Storage is your destination for all things storage.

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How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Where are the Clothes Moths? 

Before you can begin to get rid of the moths, you first must identify where they are located. Do you tend to see them near the plants in your room? Are they inhabiting the clothes or other items in your space? Clothes moths are attracted to wool, animal fur, cashmere, and other fabrics found in clothing. Dark and humid environments are perfect for clothes moths to inhabit. As you examine your storage space, be sure to check all of your clothing items and other belongings. Clothes moths can infest other items such as blankets, comforters, rugs, carpets, pillows, drapes, and more. If you are interested in learning more about clothes moths and the types of environments they inhabit, click here

Clean Your Space to Stay Moth-Free

Once the clothes moths are identified you will need to separate your clothes. Damaged clothing and household items should be thrown away. Items that can still be used with minimal damage should be set aside to be washed. Clothes moths can breed rapidly so it is crucial that you examine all of your belongings. Next, you can begin to clean the area by wiping down the surfaces of any objects in the room. Clear a path to vacuum the floor. Removing any excess dirt and dust will help keep the room moth-free. Once the room is organized and clean, check your belongings one last time to ensure that there aren’t any lingering clothes moths. 

Keeping the Moths Away

With a few preventative measures, you will be able to keep your space and belongings moth-free. We recommend using airtight storage bins to store your clothes and items in. By doing this, clothes moths do not have access to reach your belongings. Using storage bins also helps consolidate your items so you have more storage space. With less clutter and dirt in the room, the clothes moths will stay away. Create a schedule to clean the space regularly. Vacuuming and wiping down surfaces will prevent dirt from accumulating. Lastly, ensure that the room has lighting installed to help create a moth-free storage environment. 

Rent Pest-Controlled Storage at Ironclad Storage in Prior Lake, MN 

If you do not want to worry about clothes moths continuing to get into your belongings, visit Ironclad Storage in Prior Lake, MN, and store your items here. We offer different storage unit sizes and features to help accommodate your situation and budget. Our facility has indoor temperature-controlled units and drive-up access units of various sizes—fit for any storage need.

Storing in Prior Lake, MN couldn’t be any easier. If you need assistance determining which unit size to rent, check out our storage calculator tool. Once you have found the perfect storage unit for your belongings, use our online rental process to reserve your space. You will be able to reserve your unit and move in all within the same day. We provide extra supplies such as packaging tape, boxes, and furniture covers to ensure that your items remain safe while in storage. To learn more about packaging your items securely, check out our self storage and tips. Rent with Ironclad Storage today!

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