Commercial Storage Prior Lake MN
September 2, 2020

Tips for Commercial Storage in Prior Lake MN

When you run your own business, it can get overwhelming. Simplify your business and get organized with commercial storage from Ironclad Storage in Prior Lake MN. We have temperature-controlled storage units available in a convenient location for those living and working in the area. Rent with us today!

Why Use Commercial Storage?

You can always use more storage. Use short-term storage when you are just starting up, moving, or looking to expand. Use long-term storage to organize and set up your business items. Either way, our month-by-month leasing options make storing easy, so you never have to pay for what you need. 

Temperature Control

Some items need extra protection from harsh temperatures. These can be photographs, antiques, documents, furniture, etc. Our temperature-controlled storage units give you that additional security and assure that you will come back to your items the same way you left them. Ironclad Storage has affordable temperature-controlled storage units for businesses close to Prior Lake MN. Talk to one of our experts to see how we can help your business!

Businesses Using Commercial Self Storage in Prior Lake MN

Trade Services

Between tools and materials, you have a lot of items to handle on a day-to-day basis. Commercial storage can alleviate some of that when you move your supplies into a storage unit. Your team only has to keep on hand what is needed for each project, and you can keep everything else safe and out of your way until required for the next job.

Retail Businesses (E-Commerce and Brick-and-Mortar)

If you have a small stockroom or no stockroom at all, you need a storage unit. Give yourself a whole extra space to work when you organize your inventory and supplies in a storage unit. You can even create a make-shift fulfillment center to keep track of your orders and make sure your customer gets them on time. Bring in new inventory when you receive it, and package products when they get sold.

Real Estate and House Staging

All that furniture needs to go somewhere. Consider storing your furniture, decorations, and marketing materials in a safe, temperature-controlled storage unit from Ironclad Storage!

Ironclad Storage Commercial Storage Units

Ironclad Storage has commercial storage units available in Prior Lake MN near Cleary Lake. We offer temperature-controlled storage options for our neighbors around Prior Lake MN and those in the suburbs of Bloomington MN (like Burnsville MN, Savage MN, and Shakopee MN). If you are unsure what size storage unit you need, call our office to ask an expert or visit our online storage calculator. Get your business organized with Ironclad Storage! Find a storage unit that can help you excel your business!


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